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Ghost Gallery

Haunted Pictures...

The Ghost Gallery
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The Ghost Gallery

Get REAL feedback for your REAL ghost photos.

The Ghost Gallery is an open community to talk about and share all your paranormal photos. Discussion and questions on hauntings, taking ghost photos, EVP, or anything else related to ghosts is welcome as well.

This community is for all level of experiences - whether you're just here to ask a question, or here to share your recent ghost hunt results!

/Do not claim other photos as your own. If you did NOT take the photo you are posting, please give credit to the photographer.
/Try to be helpful and friendly. If you don't believe a photo is 'genuine' or has captured a ghost, feel free to debate. However, no personal attacks will not be tolerated.
/Advertising is permitted, as long as it is relavent to the topic.
/Posts do NOT have to contain photos. Feel free to post your questions, experiences, EVPs or anything else related to the topic.
/If you have any questions, or problems, please contact a moderator. They're here to help you.

Photo of the Week...
Once this community is up and running, the moderators will choose three photos from those posted each week. The members will then vote in a poll as to which of the three picture they think should be the Photo of the Week! The Photo of the Week will be displayed here, on the info page for 7 days. You will be automatically entered into this everytime you post a photo. However, if for some reason you do not wish to have your photo(s) entered into the Photo of the Week, then please say that in your post.

deringer, a female from Fremont, CA. Has lots of paranormal experience and has studied the paranormal for several years now.

I would like two more moderators for this group. If you would like to apply, please email me (deringerdove@aol.com). People must be trustworthy, experienced or knowledgable in the paranormal, active on LJ and willing to help!